About Us

At Ambient Audio we are enhancing the connection between people and music. By synergistically combining music with lighting our products create a truly unique atmosphere around your music. This atmosphere allows our users to more deeply immerse themselves in the memories and emotions that they associate with their music. Ultimately creating another  platform or interface for artists and music lovers to share and experience their music.

Meet The Owner

Cory Hudson studied Biology at Wilfred Laurier University. After a career ending football injury and the loss of his father, Cory set off to build a new chapter in his life. Following a life changing dream he woke up with a vision and started developing a product that reflects his passions in life. With a deep respect for music and first hand experience of how it can help guide us through both the toughest and greatest moments of life, he wanted to develop a product that would enhance the way we connect to music. Cory founded Ambient Audio Canada and after two years of development launched a line of handmade illuminated audio solutions. 

In November of 2014, Cory, won the first place prize in Haltech’s PwC Canada, Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award. Cory was also the winner of the TV series pitch contest “The Pythons Pit” in May 2015. 

Our Past, Present & Future

After 2 years of product development we were very excited to announce that starting in July of 2014 we would be selling an exclusive number of handmade speaker. The product launch of the Vibe One has been extremely successful.

In November of 2014 we were very proud to see our founder and owner, Cory Hudson, win the first place, $5,000 prize, in Haltech’s PwC Canada, Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award. Cory was able to maintain his momentum and won the $20,000 1st prize in a 3 month long pitch contest T.V series called “The Pythons Pit”. The series aired in the fall of 2015 on TVCogeco Network.

Summer 2015 we officially launched our event service sector and released a new line of hand made Pro Audio Speakers, the AAL3. We are now working towards finalizing design and financing for a production run of our second generation of  portable and PA Speaker.